Larry-AKA-Big Poppa Fleez...was brought into this world at an after Christmas sale at Rike's or as the locals called it Ricky's.... Poisoned by the constant  Fa La La  and Pa Rump Pa Pa Pum, Larry developed a rhythmic disease called " Canotakeeptyme" thus  ending his hope at a career in Gregorian Chants.....
       To be continued

Mike... The child prodigy who once played the
lost guitar chord that killed The Yardbirds Kieth tragically left him scared both mentally and spirtually...years of therapy...such as: swimming with and waxing the dolphin...have left their mark on his has given him a certain tilt...a Kieth Richards stagger/swagger/off kilter shuffle...He dreams of being a semi-famous
deranged guitar hero...striving to achieve local a general area no bigger than a dime...the constant serach for guitar nirvana has lead him to many self revealing socio-inner visionary innuendo big word type personal  revelations...kind of like...Zen guitar for the 6 string challenged...a work in progress... with a Mona Lisa smirk.....
Fred...conceived during an inspirational version of "Lady of Spain", played by Myron Florrin, and born while the delivery room staff sang a rousing medley of hit songs from "Man of La Mancha".  Fred was found to have a rare condition known as "musical dyslexia", causing him to hear music upside down and backwards.  He used this to his advantage, holding his first guitar at age 3 left-handed, preventing others from stealing his astounding one-note leads.  His early bands-The Electric Crabgrass, Trial & Error, Iron City Forge Co., and The Missing Lynx- met with amazing success, leading to multiple county wide tours and a reputation that can only be described as "obtuse".  He continues in his quest to attain enlightenment through the key of A-minor while living in a D-flat major world.   
Terry keeps time like an hourglass in an earthquake! Some think it's because he was dropped as a baby and carried an untimely beat across the floor.  Still to this day he plays to abeat that only he can hear.The afore mentioned childhood tragedy allows him to keep this band of misfits running in a semi-straght and never-timely line!  P.S. who wrote this?